Zipper Multitasking Styling Lotion

Zipper Multitasking Styling Lotion

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This multipurpose lotion boasts a frizz-fighting formula ideal for wet setting, wrapping and blow drying. It dries fast and bonds to hair, leaving it less porous with sealed ends and blinding shine.

Good For

Anyone looking for a styling product that provides multiple, creative styles with a beautiful finish and flexible hold.

How to Use

Apply on damp hair and comb through evenly. Set, wrap or finger wave under a drier or blow dry.


Rice Bran Extract, helps create texture + style while adding control

Rice Seed Protein, helps strengthen weak hair

Liquid Shea Butter, provides moisture and care to hair

Black Chia Seed Oil, delivers flexibility, softness and shine

Vitamin E + Panthenol, helps to protect strands

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