De Luxe Reparative Shampoo

De Luxe Reparative Shampoo

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A power dose of hydration, strength, and repair for coarse, unruly, fragile, or damaged hair. Gently cleanses, calms and helps heal distressed, weakened hair. Improves elasticity and shine, seals frayed cuticles and split ends, improves texture and uniformity without weighing hair down. Rich and repairing transformative daily conditioner detangles and smoothes; restores resiliency.


90% Improvement in Detangling & Manageability When using DE LUXE REPERATIVE SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER** 79% Reduction of Frizz When using DE LUXE REPERATIVE SHAMPOO, MASQUE and SURREAL STYLING SERUM* 64% Less Breakage When using DE LUXE REPERATIVE SHAMPOO and MASQUE*** 19% Increase in Shine When using DE LUXE REPERATIVE SHAMPOO, CONDITIONER and SURREAL STYLING SERUM*


100% PCR Bottles use 88% less energy, lowering carbon footprint.

100% PCR Closures 73% lowering carbon footprint vs. virgin oil based plastic.

100% PCR Boxes sourced from FSC Certified Board (for all), comprised of 100% recycled material PCW.

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